They Have Objections To Selling

Hello, dear medical tourism sellers, managers, and investors,

Today is self-criticism day. As you all know, as a sales lover, I provide training and consultancy on many issues in medical tourism, in particular sales. I’m trying to find a solution to the garbage data issue, which is a well-established jargon lately. Of course, the garbage data that we compressed from 3 branches with training, process, and live patient search consultancy finally surrenders. What is the reason behind this surrendering? Because their name is not garbage data, they are patients who object.

I participate in patient calls from sales teams. We experience it on patients who are considered as garbage data by creating instant feedback and storized message content. We observe all together that they are not garbage data as is thought; they are only patients who object.

I can hear you say whether the customer who does not answer their phone or even if they answer they say that they did not fill out the form, is objecting or not. I say YES with all my heart. A patient who is very available when they fill out the form can change their priority after 5 minutes. Even if you call within 5 minutes, you can lose your importance for them. Aren’t we all like that? Think about what we have been going through in this world and especially in our country lately. An hour ago, when I wanted to have a Hollywood smile when I laughed, 1 hour or even 1 minute later, 10 of our cities were destroyed. Isn’t our only priority to help our citizens in need? Haven’t we suspended our short, medium, or even long-term goals? Let’s empathize, my dear friends. Let’s empathize by thinking about how quickly our priorities can change.

We must accept the objection as a gift and show patience to maintain our motivation and self-confidence. For example, I never lose. Because I accept any negative approach as an objection and am patiently going over it. I told you, I am in love with this profession.

What are my objections? Let me tell you right now.


For example, some of my sellers, managers and investor friends in medical tourism have objections to selling. You didn’t hear wrong, making a sale. As someone who sees that those who learn how to increase their sell productivity at least three times, we can say that those who object to learning actually object to selling, right?


What if the ship floats without selling? How do you say to object? Not openly and openly, of course, without realizing it. That is because she/he doesn’t realize that her/his real need is to learn how to sell.

Let me give some examples if you please;


Sir, it is challenging to establish a team in this sector. We will get to the training after establishing a team. This is an objection. For example, I never asked what would happen to the seller who tries to learn by herself/himself until the team is completed. I listened to the objection, thought about it, and came back with a training plan that is open to general participation. I ended the objection when I said that you can get the training as a team or alone.

Sir, some people argued that with education, work takes a long time, and we need immediate results. It was a serious objection. I listened patiently, thought about it, and started doing live patient search workshops right after the training. Equipped with knowledge, we reached a quick solution. In the first workshops, we carried the closing rates, which were not even 1%, to the level of 5 after 2-3. We are still continuing. Our target is 10%

Sir, eventually, everyone is selling the same product, and even the patient understood this. They are looking for the best price. In other words, someone tried to say that we would use the money we invest in education for price reductions. It’s a universal objection. I didn’t need to listen much. Since there is no objection specific to medical tourism, it sounded very familiar. I commissioned my value-oriented sales training. I explained what creativity means; in fact, it is enough to meet the customer’s need in a way that satisfies the customer more than the competitor. I watched with pleasure how the teams, who understood how to connect product features and patient values, moved away from the concept of the most appropriate price.

If you only knew how many hidden objections I have encountered and continue to encounter. If I tell them all, be sure we will turn into the TV shows or movies. Let me share an objection that I have received recently, and let’s end it in the most exciting place.

Sir, we are very far from Istanbul. It would be difficult for you to come here for every training. A delightful and very gentle appeal. In Turkish, “Trainer, you will come at least 3-4 times now. It will be expensive because of its plane, accommodation, food and drink, and also the education fee.” Can this objection stop a seller whose aim is to contribute to the growth of the sector and the country’s economy, my dear friends? I thought, moved, and made all my training into a scenario for 3 months. I made an agreement with an interactive video publisher with an exceptional infrastructure and also with the industry’s leading studio. I entered the studio and recorded the scripts I wrote. And I turned it into interactive training videos. I turned it into training where you get answers to your questions as if you were getting live training in the classroom, and everyone is watching at the same time; even if they have different questions, everyone can get answers to their own questions.

As I was making this journey, a different objection came to my mind. Sir, 7 languages are spoken in our team. You can teach in 2 languages, how can we do the training?

I added the ability to translate into any language to my interactive video journey. Thus, we have resolved two objections at once. Now, instead of going to the institution 4-5 times, they watch my training videos, and I visit only once. During my visit, we discuss real cases and repeat and reinforce what I told in the training.

Silent or vocal, every negative patient return is an objection, my dear friends. What matters is what you will conclude from that objection. Either you put it aside as garbage data, or you think about how I can earn it.

The choice is yours. Please know that I am ready for any of your objections. They all are presents for me.